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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Sale priced items for limited time only ! Just mention this page at time of purchase to receive these great prices.

Die Box (c.1975 Chu's Studios, Hong Kong)

Very scarce die box with 3' die. Very seldom does one see the painted Chu's Magic Studio items for sale. Shows paint wear as seen but still really awesome and a highly desirable die box for any vintage magic apparatus collection. Price $ SOLD !

Hand To Hand Passe Salt (Star Magic Co. c.1950)

A scarce magic collectible you may actually use with great results ! Salt is poured into the left hand passes magically to the right .... clever handling with this ! In great condition and complete with the original box and Star Magic instructions. Price $35.00 SALE PRICE $25.00

Little Blue Box (Chalet - Miller, c.1980's)

A simply wonderful piece of wooden magic apparatus ! A sponge ball or silk appears visually and instantly inside the Little Blue Box. Still about like new it's nice and mint. (no instructions) but a no brainer for the magi ! Price $95.00 SALE PRICE 65.00

Color Changing Fan (Ali Bongo Estate, England)

Ali Bongo (1929 - 2009). I was delighted when I was recently able to find this item, hand made and hand decorated by Ali Bongo himself ! Comes with two provenance documents, one from the Magic Circle in London and a letter from the purchaser from the Magic Circle . Looks like Ali used colored markers for the artwork with wire and buttons securing the fan at the bottom. This is perhaps one of a kind as it was not made for market but for his personal use. Changes from plain royal blue to butterflies to flowers to the Chinese writing shown in the provided photos. Own a real nice piece of magic history with great documentation and an original vintage boldly hand signed 8" x 10" photo of Ali Bongo as shown above. Makes a great curio display ! Price $350.00 SALE PRICE 265.00

The Mystery Man ASKA Brochure (c.1940's)

One of the nicest I've seen ! A total of 14 pages including covers and 8" x 11" in size. Loaded with many cool photos plus a tipped in sheet featuring the parakeets from the show ! He also has the "George" poster image on the back cover in his name Aska The Magician. In mint clean condition and ready for your magic collection ! Price $65.00 SALE PRICE $45.00

Janos Bartl Magic Catalog (Germany, c.1920's)

An early and magnificent magician catalog from Bartl / Willmann . Some of the finest and most desirable apparatus ever made are contained within this 316 page and very highly illustrated catalog. A fine sound example of this German language magicians catalog. In great strong intact condition with nice tight binding. Some light staining on some of the pages but all blends in well and does not detract from the contents of this great catalog. Price $95.00 SALE PRICE $50.00

Owen Magic Supreme (Hardbound Catalog, c.1997)

Without a doubt the most lavishly produced magicians catalog ever ! Full color throughout with 226 numbered pages, price list and in mint clean beautiful condition. A really great look and read .... what are you waiting for ? Highest of quality ! Price $125.00 SALE PRICE $85.00

Perfection Dove Bottle (National Magic Co., c.1940's)

Hard to find a nice one like this ! Complete with a nice clear photocopy of the original NMC very detailed instructions, two original labels, glass mason jar and metal bottle that holds liquid. Effect is basically wine is poured from the bottle, bottle is then wrapped in paper and broken and a dove etc. is produced. Self contained and high quality magic from the days long gone by ! Price $85.00 SALE PRICE $50.00

Vintage Sideshow Poster (c.1930's - 40's)

Not magic but it's awesome vintage sideshow ! Looks to be from the 1940's or so ..... size approx. 25" x 37" features ..... Snake Woman, Witch Doctor, Wild Jungle Boy, Nude Lady Alligator Wrestler ! A really cool image. Colors and art are great, has original fold lines and some edge wear on the borders. A very scarce image that would make a great addition to any magic room ! Click on images for a good view. Price $150.00 SALE PRICE $65.00

Chen Lee Water Suspension (U.F. Grant, c.1950's)

Great classic Grant effect, complete with Grant instructions. Glass and gimmick are in great condition, 5" tall metal dragon tube has some wear but still looks nice. Price $ SOLD !

Egyptian Water Box (U.F. Grant, c.1950's)

Stands approx. 7" tall and in excellent condition. One of the cool Grant classics and this one has a nice old magic look. Includes the original tumbler as shown. Price $100.00 SALE PRICE $65.00

Set of 3 Antique Pieces & Litho (c.1920)

All pieces are complete with the original paint finish .... these were discovered in a collection and are from a early German magic set..... The box was destroyed but I salvaged the small litho artwork from the lid. As you can see all make for a great curio display. Coin/seed vase, coin changing vase, egg to bird vase. All in great condition... Price $140.00 SALE PRICE $75.00

Magician Poster (U.S. Lithograph Co. c.1906)

A very scarce magician stock poster ! Size is approx. 30" x 41" had at one time been folded but has now been museum mounted on linen. Still looks great at 110 years old. Colors are much more vibrant in person than my camera shots show. A wonderful poster that would look great framed and displayed with antique magic apparatus. Click on images for a larger view. Price $ SOLD !

Petrie Comedy Egg Bag (P&L Mfg.)

Original zipper egg bag is in mint, clean condition. The box has wear but no split corners and is holding up well. Also includes the original instructions and two wooden eggs and a worn devil's napkin to vanish egg. The original pieces the important things Bag, box & instruction are all nice ! I personally have not found one of these in better condition. Price $ SOLD !

Magician Horace Goldin (c.1939) 

A really bright, colorful original poster for Horace Goldin The Royal Illusionist ! Measures approx. 18" x 28" museum mounted on linen in beautiful colors with Goldin featured at the top of the bill for a variety show. No doubt one of his final posters as this was just a few months before his death in 1939. In nice clean original condition with no flaws noted. A very scarce image that's a real eye catcher ! Click on images for a larger view. Price $350.00 SALE PRICE $275.00

Zebra Production Tube & Vibrant Six Bloom Bouquet (Magic Hands, Germany)

The tube stands approx. 2ft. tall and is opened up (unrolled) and shown empty on both sides and a large six bloom bouquet is produced followed by the production of a massive amount of silks and streamers ! The tube is made to last of Magic Hands quality. The bouquet is very nice and bright with six large blooms and a ring on the end for easy production. Not sure who the maker of the bouquet is but it is pretty nice. Both pieces are pretty much like new. No instructions but a self working deceptive piece of magic apparatus. Price $129.00 SALE PRICE $95.00

Fakir & Sword (c.1960's)

Ah yes .... yet another great item for the magicians curio ! Still like new in the sealed package. Cut the 5" tall Fakir in half with the sword but yet he is still intact ... amazing ! A really great eye appealing piece ! Price $39.50 SALE PRICE $29.00

The Great Nesbitt (England, c.1920's)

Neil Sinclair Nesbitt (1884 -1936) it is said he owned a chain of theaters and developed his Chinese magic act in 1919. This is a half sheet size stone lithograph poster 19" x 28" in size and has been museum mounted on linen. Has some minor paper loss on edge as shown. A very scarce poster and in excellent collectible condition. Price $ SOLD !

Magician Sorcar Poster (c.1960's)

This very scarce original Sorcar poster measures approx. 14 1/2" x 21 1/2" circa 1960's from his tour of Japan. Shows some minor wear but has now been museum mounted A nice scarce magician image for any magic poster collection. Price $100.00 SALE PRICE $55.00

Conjuring Tricks Set (England, c.1940)

*Interesting factoid* The artwork on this set was what Phil Temple used for the front cover of his Magic Set Collectors Newsletter. Nice example of this vintage set as box is very good and contents are complete ! Circa 1940's and set measures 14 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2 1/4" really only default is one "closed" split lid corner. Price $165.00 SALE PRICE $85.00

Magician John Calvert Poster (c.1940's - 50's)

An early original Calvert poster one sheet size and measures approx. 28" x 43". This is from the original David Price Egyptian Hall museum and has the seal on the back of craft paper mounted poster. Colors are still bright and a very scarce John Calvert image to find these days and pretty cool ! Price $195.00 SALE PRICE $100.00

Magician Prof. Herbert Pitch Book (c.1900's)

Great staple bound and intact early pitch book with 14 unnumbered pages counting front and back covers. Measures 5" x 7" in size and has magic and joke adverts along with lessons on how to be a magician. Has some normal age related wear, vertical fold from when once mailed and some overall normal age related wear.... however all is intact and still in overall excellent historical condition. All the goodies found for sale within this pitch book can be had by magic dealer John H. Andrews Philadelphia, PA. A nice scarce addition to any magic library. Price $55.00 SALE PRICE $25.00

Magician The Great Lyle (c.1930's) RARE !

A very rare advertising piece that has great past ownership. This rare item was originally from the Milbourne Christopher collection then from the notable Norm Nielsen poster collection. Size is 8" x 12" on card stock and still has the original hanging string attached. Cecil Lyle the magician who invented the paper hat tear trick we magicians love. He was in great demand as a perform in his day ! Condition is very good for this very rare item. The price is below the auction price it sold for ! Price $250.00 SALE PRICE $195.00

Grouping of Antique Apparatus (c.1920's)

An antique selection of six effects ..... Obedient Ball, Devil's Pillars, Die Thru Hat, Coin Vanishing Box, Grandma's Necklace, Comedy Awl. No instructions but all are complete overall condition is excellent. Business card shown for scale. Price $65.00 SALE PRICE $40.00