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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

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Since 1986

The Regow's Buddha

Read the brief history of this historical piece below. Click on any image below for a larger view ... ENJOY !

The Story ....

A tradition lives on today here at Raleigh Vintage Magic with this rare piece of magic history. The Buddha statue shown above came from the James Swoger ( Regow's ) Magic Shop when it was located in Pittsburgh, PA in the1940's and onward. Overtime Regow's changed location but stayed in Pittsburgh. The shop was moved to Plainview Ave. and a new name was given to the magic shop, it became the James Swoger " House of Enchantment " Now just imagine over all the years the many magicians famous and not so famous that passed through the doors of Jim's magic shop, when they gazed upward they would see the mysterious Buddha sitting on the top shelf keeping his watchful eyes upon the wonderful magic apparatus that was on display in the shop ! Jim once told me that whenever Del Ray would visit the shop he would always try and flip a coin into the hands of the Buddha. The Buddha is molded from plaster and hand painted, it stands 13.5" tall and weighs a bit over 9 lbs. The original photos shown were taken by Jim's brother Arthur Swoger. One photo shows the wonderful interior of Jim's magic shop and the other is of James and his wife Betty preparing backstage at the Nixon Theater for and evening performance. I am proud to carry on the tradition today as the Regow's Buddha now keeps his watchful eyes over the inventory here at Raleigh Vintage Magic !

The Regow's Buddha

Interior of Jim's Magic Shop c.1947

See the mystical Buddha watching over the magic shop... In the upper right side of photo.

Close up of Buddha watching over the magic shop c.1940's

Jim & Betty Swoger ( backstage The Nixon Theater )