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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Vintage & Antique Magic, Puzzle Sets

Listed below are the magic sets we currently have for sale. We only sell sets that are in very good + or better condition ! If you like or collect magic sets check this page often as you never know what may become available.

Antique Magician Set (c.1930)

First one of these I have ever found.... contains five tricks and all have instructions except for the safety pin trick. Box is approx. 7" square and has great magic art but is worn with some tape repair and on of the side panels is missing. Still yet despite these flaws... this very scarce set is holding up very well and still looks great for display. See the four photos you can click and enlarge them for a better view. Price $ SOLD !

Deluxe E-Z Magic Set (c.1953, D. Robbins Co.)

Hey ... it doesn't get much cooler than this ! Wonderful set in wonderful condition complete with all pieces wood Imp Bottle etc. A real gem of a find ! Released in 1953as printed on the side of the set. You will not be disappointed ... a truly great vintage magicians set for any magic collection. Price $ SOLD !

Mysto Magic Set (c.1950) Complete & Very Scarce Blue Box

One of the more difficult to find Mysto Magic sets circa 1950. What sets this one apart is it's complete and ..... Has the clear plastic insert tray and from what I was told by a long time Mysto collector .... is it's uncommon to find the Mysto sets with the blue box bottom as this beauty has ! No split corners on this one either and contents and all are in wonderful condition.....

A true gem of a Mysto set that is not easy to find. Price $ SOLD !

Real Magic Set (S.S. Adams, c.1920's)

A delightful find for the magic collector ! A great rare small 10" x 8" mostly wooden set ... 100% complete even with the instruction booklet. Looks to have never have been used ... but a small puncture to the lid. However it did not leave a hole and has been pushed back together..... insert, instruction booklet and bottom tray still look crisp the paper in the wood vanishing ring has vanished due to time and can be replaced if desired but no need..... just look at this thing ! Click on photos to enlarge images for a better view. You will be of of the elite few who will have this set in a magic collection. Price $ SOLD !

Mysto Magic Mailing Tube Premium Set (c.1920's)

Well look what we have here a real GEM of a find ! This is the larger tube set 6" tall by 4" diameter. I have had a few of the smaller tube sets and they each contained 3 tricks..... this larger tube has 7 so I would say it is complete ! All tricks are complete and have their original instructions with the exception of the Ring & Coil instructions are missing. The tricks included are ... Mysto Jacks, Vanishing Coin In Glass, Traveling Corks, New Chinese Rings and String, The Vanisher, Multiplying Balls and Ring On Coil ..... The tube has normal age related wear ... but complete and overall still in wonderful condition .... Tricks are in excellent condition and as stated ....

all have the instructions except the Ring & Coil . These larger tube sets are hard to find very very seldom do you ever find one if ever ! If you collect magic sets this piece could very well be the center piece of any magic set collection ... for sure an uncommon set to find available for sale ! Price $ SOLD !

Premium Magic Kit (c.1960's)

Set is complete but no instructions except for the ball vase it includes instructions. All in very nice cared for condition. Price $35.00

Mysto Card Tricks Set (Mysto Magic - Gilbert, c.1922)

Very scarce Mysto set #2000 circa 1922. This very scarce Mysto set is complete with instructions ! Contents include (6) tricks they are.... 1. Startling card trick 2. Sphinx card trick 3. Vanishing Coin from Glass 4. Pick - it - Out card trick 5. Phantom card trick 6. Mysterious Disks ..... WOW even includes a Christmas tag laid inside the set to Walter from Aunt Annie ! There are no split corners on this set .....

The bottom box and tray insert are still about like new. The lid is bright, colorful and holding up strong with very minimal paper loss to the top and bottom edges as show. All in all you will probably never find another in this great overall condition and as stated COMPLETE ! Price $ SOLD !

Horsman Magic Outfit (c.1918)

Edward Imeson Horsman (E. I. Horsman) opened a toy company in New York City, New York in 1865 and became a leader in the toy industry. His company was mostly famous for it's line of dolls for girls. With this rare set Horsman tried going after the boy market.... What makes this set really special besides it's rarity is the tricks inside were manufactured by John Petrie of P&L Mfg. Co. These are the same effects Petrie made and used for the Aladdin Magic Outfit sets.

This rare beauty is 100% complete an only shows some normal age and wear mostly just paint wear to the Obedient Ball trick. The bottom section box is complete with even the aged tissue wrap (see fourth photo) and very sound. The tray insert is in great complete condition, box top label is superb, box top is still great with only one "closed" split corner. Some of the small painted wooden item's Mr. Petrie made for his sets seem to flake the paint but it is minor to this set. A really gorgeous set and most likely you will never find another in this outstanding condition. This set also has in my opinion probably the coolest label you will find on a set ! Superb, rare and very nearly 100 years old, ready for your antique magic collection. Some of the contents are Multiplying Billiard Balls, Magic Wand, Ball & Vase, Vanishing Ball, Handkerchief Vanisher, Coin Box etc. WOW .... this is truly a gem ! Price $SOLD !

Chandu *White King* Magic Set (c.1930's)

Wonderful vintage magic set from the 1930's. No split corners anywhere and complete with instructions ! Contents look to have never been removed from the inserts. Click and enlarge the photos for a good view of this scarce vintage magic set. Measures 14" x 11" so easy to display ! Price $165.00

Magic Set (Smithsonian,c.1980's)

This is a reproduction set from the original sold in the 1980's in the Smithsonian Museum. Still looks new and has the instruction booklet. These are now rather scarce. Price $185.00

Super Puzzles (Sherms, c.1930's)

A really scarce larger size Sherms puzzle set. Contents are wonderful and look unused. Lid has great period art and has one side panel missing. As stated contents are great and a nice displayable and colorful Sherms set as seen above... very cool ! Price $95.00

Super Puzzles Set (Sherms, c.1930's)

Set is complete and includes instructions. Contents appear to be unused. Box lid has great art and some age wears to the sides , small tears, one split corner etc. But really this is a fine collectible and displayable set ! Price $ SOLD !

Tenyo Party Magic Set (Tenyo Co. Ltd. c.1973)

Here we have a very desirable English version magic set from Tenyo circa 1973. A really hard to find set to say the least. It is complete less instruction booklet. The insert tray is pristine as you can see. The Time Capsule tube is cracked but still fully functional otherwise contents are mint and unused. I like this set a whole lot and kinda want to keep it and I very well may ..... However being in the vintage magic business everything becomes for sale.... so what I am going to do is consider your best serious offer. If the price is right I will sell. Price $ Considering Best Offers (contact by email)

Mystic Card Tricks Set (c.1930's)

This set from the 1930's includes eight individual card tricks. All is complete and in great condition box is still very good with some minimal age wear but no split corners. Click on images to enlarge. Price $49.00

15 Sealed Mysteries (Theron Fox, c.1940's)

A really cool and extremely hard to find set. This one is complete with all 15 mysteries ... set and contents are pretty much like new. Box measures 8" x 13" making it easy to display. Box is in excellent condition no split corners but a split in a side panel as seen in last photo.So neat you will love it ! Price $125.00