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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Super Puzzles (Sherms, c.1930's)

A really scarce larger size Sherms puzzle set. Contents are wonderful and look unused. Lid has great period art and has one side panel missing. As stated contents are great and a nice displayable and colorful Sherms set as seen above... very cool ! Price $95.00

Vintage Lot 'O' Jokes

A vintage lot that includes all shown. The cig. tin sounds like it still has a couple loads inside.... sold as collector items only as they are old..... good old lucky rabbit's foot included and who can't use a fake turd right ? Price $20.00

Charlie Chan Hat ( Handmade, Wool )

Gorgeous authentic replica professionally made of the famed Chinese detective Charlie Chan hat ! Made in Montreal, Canada... this is the real deal not a cheap costume hat ... and this beauty is in mint clean condition. Size 7 1/4. If you collect quality hat pieces or do a specialty act this would be a wonderful addition for your collection. Price $ 145.00

Rabbit In The Hat (Ideal Toys, c.1950's)

A real extremely cool magician collectible toy. Stands approx. 8.5" tall .... Push the bunny down into the hat until you here a click, push the knob and up pops Mr. Rabbit out of the hat ! Looks great in the curio .... as seen the ears are deteriorating. They could be replaced by those of any toy bunny but I have left it as is cause... it is cool and vintage and very scarce ! Price $149.00

Rubber Pig & Chicken

Just because .... you never know when one of these may come in handy ! Each are like new and roughly 16" long. Both for one price .... Price $30.00

Dribble Glass (Enardoe's, c.1940's)

Vintage joke gag gift in original box. Enardoe's Funny Dribble Glass. The "concealed" glass hole on the etching creates the dribble effect. Glass is 3 3/4" tall and 2 3/4" in diameter. In original package with age related wear to label. Glass is in excellent condition. Price $22.00

Spiral Puzzle (1930's)

Neat antique spiral puzzle. from the 20's or 30's era. Size is 2.25" wide and 1" tall in excellent cared for condition. Price $25.00

2" Marble Dice

The title says it all.... 2" solid marble dice use these however you see fit. Quality set in great problem free condition. Lighter displayed for sizing. Price $20.00

Snake Peanut Butter Jar (1950's)

Old school vintage gag with real glass jar, metal lid and 3 ft. cloth spring snake ! They don't make them like this anymore ! Price $30.00