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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Magic Collectibles Sales Page 1

Browse our selections below, you may well find that magical treasure you have been looking for ! Click on any of the images for a larger view. Send me an email [email protected] to purchase. We prefer check or money order payments but pay pal is accepted. Thanks for looking !

Chinese Sticks (Royal Magic Co., c.1950)

best condition set I have ever come across. Like new still in the very minor wear box very minor with the original instructions. Very cool for the magic curio ! Price $35.00

Mini Cannon (U.F.Grant - O'Neal, c.1960's)

Load a silk handkerchief into the barrel of the cannon FIRE ! Silk vanishes and reappears in a balloon, crystal casket, light bulb etc. you choose. Made by O'Neal Magic for U.F. Grant. In very good condition with a good supply of fuse you supply the flash cotton or paper. Comes with a photo copy of instructions from O'Neal Magic. RARE ! Price $295.00

Wonder Blocks (Royal Magic, c.1946)

Plastic tube, gatlin blocks and complete with the original box and instructions. Everything looks great (see pics) a great old vintage effect most magicians have owned at one time or another. Beautiful vintage magic for the magicians curio cabinet. Price $35.00

Rice, Orange & Checkers (U.F.Grant - Arturo, c.1950's)

Very scarce set made and beautifully stenciled by Arturo. Checker covers are 7" tall, made of metal with wooden tops. Rice container is also 7" tall. Checkers are 3" diameter. Both checker covers and rice container have multiple surface scratches throughout yet still at a short distance in performance would not be noticed. I will also mention no dents ! Click and enlarge photo's for a better view. No instructions are included so please be familiar with routine and handling prior to purchase. A very scarce and cool vintage Grant / Arturo set not seen much at all today. Price $450.00

Wand To Bouquet (Harakhan Magic, Japan, c.1980's)

Extremely well made gold color metal wand that vanishes in the blink of the eye and transforms into a four bloom bouquet of feather flowers (silks could be used if you wish) Bouquet has some normal age related wear but is still fine for use, bouquet is fitted and screws into position on wand. Top orange flower has been trimmed for a better fit into wand. This is a real beautiful piece and the wand is very silent for the vanish. No instructions so please know how to expand the wand over flowers, this sets up takes about 10 seconds or less if you know. Price $200.00

Square Circle Production (c.1960's)

Maker unknown but there is an "F" stamped onto the bottom of the production bird cage. Entire unit on base is 12" tall. load chamber is large and could produce many silks, spring flowers, rubber production items etc. ending with the production of the cage and bird. everything shown is included. All in very good / excellent condition and the finale of the bid cage production is very cool ! Price $195.00

Mazda Magic Co. Catalog (.1946)

Great magician's catalog, highly illustrated with 128 numbered pages. In great condition. Many wonderful items from magic's past within these covers. Price $45.00

Cups & Balls Set (Adams, c.1950's)

Probably the most famous magic trick ever created. Nice little vintage plastic set from the 50's. Complete with 3 cups, all needed balls, original box and instructions. Like new after all these years a great item to display in the curio. Price $25.00

20th Century Handkerchief Trick (National Magic Co., Chicago, c.1951)

A multi colored silk handkerchief vanishes and reappears tied between blue and red handkerchiefs ! Mint new condition with original instructions. Silk handkerchiefs are 15" size. Price $45.00

Chinese Bottle (Adams, c.1950)

Very cool and beautiful Adams piece. Complete with ..... rope, glass vase, cork ball, instructions and original box. All very nice except for some inner paint loss in the neck of the bottle, click on images for a better view. Price $37.50

Chicago Magic Center Catalog (c.1953)

One of my personal favorite catalog covers. Contains 40 numbered pages and in wonderful condition as shown, dated 1953. Price $ SOLD ! 3 - 23 - 2021

Jumbo Phanto Tube (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Solid Yellow = Rare !

Very cool and the first one I've ever seen in a solid color, normally these are trimmed in red on the top and bottom. This one has some paint chipping as shown but still looks nice and very deceptive in performance. Size is 10" tall x 4" diameter. No instructions. Price $97.50

Okito Coin Box (Enardoe, House of Drane, Chicago, IL. c.1950)

Very cool chromed metal Okito Coin Box. Very scarce in this condition and completeness. For use with .50 size coins. Circa 1950 with everything being in great condition as shown. Price $65.00

From The Great Virgil's Show Trunks (original by Virgil himself !)

These original props were used and made by Virgil himself. The box shown was made by Virgil. He organized his props within these smaller cloth covered wood boxes and these were then housed in his larger numbered show trunks. this box contains a weight, cardboard shaft for weight, metal rod and a flesh tone painted plastic tube with bottom (I think maybe used for larger silk vanish????) A true piece of magic history that were purchased in 2017 from the owner of the Virgil collection at that time. One of a kind magic history. Price $195.00

Triple Coin Boxes (Mel Babcock, Cashmere, WA.)

This is a fantastic piece of magic apparatus masterfully made and painted by Mel Babcock. This is his rare painted version as the majority of these made by Mel were of natural wood finish. The effect is that a marked coin is vanished (however you choose) and found within a nest of boxes containing candy, beans etc. Very easy to setup and to perform. In wonderful condition supply your own small padlock has instructions from another maker. Perfect effect for an intimate parlor size audience or use it on stage ! Very nice ! Price $ SOLD ! 3 - 20 - 2021

Magician Virgil & Julie File (c.1980's)

Large file of correspondense between Magician Phil Temple & Virgil & Julie. Signed Christmas cards, letters, photo's of Phil's visit to Virgil's home, programs, photo's of The Great Alexanders lobby boards which became the property of Virgil etc. very cool and one of a kind from the late Phil Temple collection. large file of everything shown on the table. Price $200.00

Ultra Cigarette Vanishing & Reproducer (P&L Mfg. Co., c.1930"s - 40's)

A hard to find addition to a P&L collection and this one is mint like new from the factory ! A real gem of a find in this condition and completeness. Price $55.00

The Human Hen (P&L Mfg. Co.,c.1930's) MINT !

The Human Hen aka Eggs From Mouth. Mint pristine condition with original tissue wrapping, instructions and box labeled in the P&L white ink. Looks like it just left the factory ! Price $85.00

Magician Stock Poster (Berlin, Germany, c.1930's)

Magician Stock Poster. Berlin: Primus Studios, ca. 1930s. Color lithograph poster depicts a turban-clad magician, with vignettes including producing articles from a hat, levitation, and trained birds. One sheet poster measures 27 ½" x 37 ¼”. Linen backed. Faint old folds; small edge tears. A bright, colorful and very scarce poster ! Price $700.00

Chest of Card Tricks (Modern Magic Co. New York, NY.. c.1930's - 40's)

Very rare small set containing (6) card packet card tricks 1.Sucker Monte 2. Diminishing Card 3.Hindu Color Cards 4.Two Card Monte 5.Phantom Card Mystery 6.Telephone Card Trick. Box is in great condition, set is complete with instructions for each trick. Some wear to card trick envelopes, some no wear. 100% complete antique magic set perfect for the magic curio. Set measures 6.25" x 4.5" x 1/2" very cool art on box lid as shown. Price $75.00

Coffee Vase (Germany, c.1920's - 30's)

A marvelous example of this classic magic effect were cotton balls etc. changes to hot steaming coffee or any other liquid you desire. Stands 8" tall and 100% complete with all piece but missing instructions. A truly wonderful piece of antique magic apparatus. Price $395.00

Aladdin Magic Outfit & Printing Block (P&L Mfg., c.1917)

This Aladdin set done for B&B Novelty. P&L also supplied Horsman Toy Co. with sets as well. Very Cool ! Marvelous antique magician's set and complete with instruction booklet. Some paint loss on some of the wooden items which is typical with these sets. Supplied with the original brass mounted on wood printing block which is unheard of until NOW ! You will only find this for sale here a totally beautiful set. Price $650.00

Magic Set (Germany,c.1930) Outstanding Set !

A stunningly beautiful wood and metal set ! The blue vase that looks like a coin vase that we all know is actually a ball vase ! Set measures 9" x 10" making it a marvelous piece for display. Contents looks brand new still (enlarge photo) lid has some very minor normal age related wear. Gorgeous set you will love ! Price $450.00

The Great Brahmin Rice Bowls (P&L Mfg.)

Nice gleaming copper vintage set. A few dings and scratches but still looks nice and performs well at a great price. Price $95.00

Against Gravity (Tenyo Magic Co., Japan, c.1970's)

A real gem of a find here ! Tenyo number T-34.The box has some normal age related wear but for this being nearly 50 years old it looks very good. Complete with gimmick and original instructions. The pink silk may be a replacement as I have seen these mostly with red and yellow silks. Click on the images for a better view. Price $155.00

Multiplying Matchboxes (Soni Magic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

I think these first came out around 2005 or so and just as quickly disappeared ! These are very very well made professional for sure. Last box is real so if needed can be opened and a match lit. This beautiful set is mint and like new but no instructions, but then again the secret is simple and self explanatory. Price $85.00

Devil head table base,upright and flange (Steen Mfg.,New York, c.1930)

Very scarce set ! Very mystical looking and stands approx.33" tall. Cast ball feet devil head legs with metal upright with the flange. A small nick and scratch here or there but a fabulous antique piece ready to adorn the stage or magic room. Had two ..... LAST ONE ! Price $300.00

Magician Stock Poster (Donaldson Ltho, Newport, KY.,c.1900's)

Wonderful and uncommon magician stock image. Half sheet size 19" x 28.3/4" mounted on linen and in great colorful condition faint fold line all looks great ! likely not to be seen again. Price $550.00

Kellar Coin Catcher (vintage model)

Maker unknown ???? Will hold (10) .50 U.S. half dollar coins. In excellent condition and ready to help you produce coins seemingly from mid air ! No instructions. Price $39.50

Puff & Flash Magician's Dream (Peter Raven, c.1940's - 50's)

A tin of flash paper and powder. Tried one out and due to age there is a small flash but no puff. A very cool looking labeled tin however measuring 1 3/4" diameter with instructions, Looks great in the magician curio ! I currently have two of these for sale unopened. Sold as a non working item for display only. So there you have it a great looking piece for the magician's curio. Price $45.00 per tin. LAST ONE !

Cups & Balls (Sherms, c.1930's)

Very cool antique set with the original box and instructions. Cups are in wonderful condition, one pom pom ball is missing but of course any can be used. One end flap on box is torn off but present. All looks great as shown and makes an excellent magic curio item. Price $47.50

Spring Flowers (Tenyo, Japan, c.1970's)

Original Tenyo, never opened, 10 count, assorted colors. these are great quality as I have seen a pack opened. Nice and ready for the magic curio. Price $85.00

Gwynne's Tip Over Vanish (Jack Gwynne, Abbott's Magic Co.)

Nice vintage original Abbott's piece.inside load chamber is still like new and unused. A few spots of paint wear but really in fantastic condition and not often found with original instructions like this one. Price $97.50

Japan Schatullet (Jap Box) (Harries Magic, Sweden,c.1960)

Rare piece to find and hand painted by Bengt Harries circa 1960. A few paint chips otherwise in great condition and decorated on all four sides of box. This is a double load box. First shown empty and handkerchiefs are produced. Shown empty a second time and spring flowers are produced. Provide your own production items or simply display this very cool beautiful piece among your collection. Supplied with a copy of the original instructions in Sweden. Price $150.00

Leon Mandrake & Velvet (Signed & Dated c.1963)

Original 8" x 10" photo of Mandrake & Velvet not often seen for sale. Signed to Bill all good wishes Leon Mandrake & Velvet Nov./63. Price $35.00

The Great Virgil 8" x 10" (c.1950's)

This is an original promotional photo for Virgil & Julie. Looks as if The Great Virgil has changed Julie into a cute little bunny. Stored protected and of course can be removed for framing. Price $40.00

Mysto Magic Set (Early Mysto Set, c.1913)

A wonderful rare early Mysto set from the Gilbert / Petrie era of the Mysto company. Perfect size for display 13" x 9" and the top and bottom of box is in great strong condition along with the fabulous full color label. The only thing missing from the set is one paper disc and a paper number card for the trick in the upper left hand corner. All the instructions are present for the tricks as shown. These early Mysto sets don't come around often especially in fantastic condition like this one ! Price $350.00

Norm Nielsen Manipulation Deck (c.1970's)

A complete deck for the use in card fan productions. Norm sold this particular design in the 1970's the peek of his great career. In great problem free condition as issued with no instructions. Price $35.00

The Elusive Lifesavers (Okito - Ralston Original, c.1940's)

The original model ..... Manufactured from brass by Edgar Ralston for Okito. This one is in great fantastic shape and has the original box and instructions, not to mention this is a great practical effect ! Has the modernistic finish on the brass tube. Price $95.00

Real Magic Set (Adams, NJ., USA, c.1920)

Very rare and complete circa 1920 Adams magic set. includes original instruction booklet. The little metal hook on the coin cup is broken loose but is there if you want to reattach. A rare set and a fine addition to any magic collection. Price $500.00

The Great Blackstone, Sorcar, Okito (c.1960)

Very Nice and very scarce,

4" x 5 7/8" beautiful full color standard size postcard - Unmarked & Unused. Three giants in magic ! Price $40.00

Aladdin Magic Outfit (P&L Mfg. Co., c.1920's) VERY RARE !

The Aladdin set mostly made around 1916 - 17 with a beautiful full color label pasted down onto a blue box to rival his competitor and former business partner A.C. Gilbert of Mysto Magic.This later set with red box and with simple gold lettering was I believe never brought to market. This perhaps one of a kind set is complete and in great condition as shown. Price $450.00

Magician Stock Poster (Donaldson Litho, New Port,KY., c.1920's)

Original Donaldson Litho. Magician Stock Poster. Newport, KY, ca. 1920s. Lithograph depicting a magician producing livestock. Half sheet size28 x 20” and in wonderful problem free condition, mounted on linen and ready to be framed. Price $375.00

Magician Stock Poster (Donaldson Litho, New Port,KY., c.1910's)

Half sheet size approx.18" x 24" unmounted, boarders trimmed, corner missing etc. but a scarce and lovely antique piece and ready for your collection. Price $135.00

Magician Stock Poster (Donaldson Litho, New Port, KY., c.1900's)

Not mounted and in rough condition but yet totally awesome and magical looking ! A very rare stock image you most likely will not find again. Half sheet size approx.18" x 24" Price $150.00

Der Kleine Zauberer Magic Set (Germany, c.1980's Wittus Witt)

This is the German Magic Set, Der Kleine Zauberer, a beautiful reproduction of a circa 1890s magic set, put out by Wittus Witt, circa 1980s. All the tricks are here, mint in the box as seen in the photo, plus the instruction booklets. Effects here are: Wooden Ball Vase-Wooden Egg to Bird-Coin changer in Pastboard-Nose Cords-Obedient Ball-Grandma's Necklace, Flap Card box, with cards-Changing cards, Changing wallet in Pasteboard.

Egg Bag & Hat Mystery (Tenyo Magic, Japan, c.1960's -70's)

This still as new in the original box which is still holding up really well as seen. This is a combination of an egg bag and egg in hat routine. Has instructions in both English and Japanese. A very scarce Tenyo effect that is ready for your show or collectors curio. Price $175.00

Imp Bottle (Mikame Craft, Japan, c.1980's)

Very scarce painted piece from Mikame. Wonderful wood turned 3" tall Imp Bottle with original Mikame stamped box and special something to make the magic happen. Some paint wear but not really noticeable unless you look for it. A real gem for the magic collectors curio. White marks seen on bottle are from light reflection. Price $250.00

Solomon's Vanishing Pillar (P&L Mfg. Co. c.1939)

Very hard to find this little wooden hand painted gem from P&L. Prop is in great condition supplied complete with box and torn instructions that would be fine with a piece of tape put on the blank side. Pillar vanishes from the Magi bare hands ! Approx. 2.5" tall. Price $150.00

Fanning Deck (Tenyo Magic, Japan c.1970's)

One of the nicest fanning decks ever produced. This is a complete deck with original complete deck, plastic case, cardboard sleeve and instructions. the cards are like new ! Purchased back in the day at Bert Wheeler's Magic Shop. Great and beautiful fanning deck. Price $95.00

The Hiding Chessman & Galloping Dime (Gilbert - Mysto Magic,c.1930's)

Nice complete set two tricks in one ! The flesh color gimmick as shown has paint loss (but remains hidden from audience) otherwise a mint old set ! Price $25.00

Magician Kassner Poster (Germany, c.1936 Rare !)

Unmounted panel poster of Kassner who was a big star in his day. Very cool image of Kassner featuring his vanishing elephant Toto. Approx. 8" x 23" in size some small tears on the sides and some small paper loss as seen in the second image click on photos to enlarge. This is a rare poster likely not to seen again anytime soon and if seen I guess then it's a miracle. Price $195.00

Mystik (P&L Mfg. Co., c.1930's)

A wooden match grows about 3 times it's size ! This effect first appeared in the 1939 P&L catalog of magic. Includes the original regular & jumbo match along with copied instructions from the P&L book copied by someone other than myself :) Price $30.00

Virgil & Julie Magic Show (c.1952)

Beautiful large and original full color hand - tinted lobby photo from Virgil & Julie's magic show.this is an original and beautifully framed with glass. Please excuse the glare in the second photo from the camera. This piece has been professionally framed and ready to hang size is 21" x 29" Price $250.00

EGGstraodinary Magic Set (Germany, c.1940's)

An EGGstreamly nice complete, very rare magic set. All wood turned pieces even the green egg cup (looks plastic but wood) Box is approx. 7" square. 100% complete with German language instructions. One split corner on the lid otherwise this set is in beautiful condition amazing really ! Price $250.00

Escher "Buddha" Magician Poster (Lithographer: F. X. Schroff )

[Stock Poster] Conjuring Magic Poster. F.X. Schroff, ca. 1920s. Signed in plate by the designer, Escher. Color lithograph. Beautiful ornate gilt wooden frame. 39 x 31" overall. No shipping on this one pick up only, I will meet you here in Las Vegas,NV. for pick up. Museum framed and a beautiful piece. Price $550.00

Magician Carrington Poster (Paris, c.1920)

Carrington Le Formidable Magicien Presente Le Spectacle Le Plus Effarant du Siecle. Harford, Paris, ca. 1920. Two sheet (61 ½ x 46 ¼”)color lithographed poster with portraits of Carrington, his invulnerable assistant Manola, and vignettes from the Carrington show including the Disembodied Princess, Levitation and Sword Suspension illusions. Linen backed. Image is great with vibrant color ! Condition is B+ with some touch up restoration, looks great as shown you will like this one ! Price $ 850.00

Magician Stock Poster (c.1920's Donaldson Litho Co.)


Donaldson Lithograph Company was one of the premier companies to go to if you were a magician looking to promote your show. Here's a rare opportunity to own a poster that was one of the salesman's stock posters that showed what it cost per poster . This sales sample poster would not be available to the open public. So, here's a grand chance to own a piece of private stock! The poster measures 17" x 36 1/2" and it is in near mint condition with faint original fold lines and linen backed. Very rare to find one of these on the for sale market ! Price $250..00

Virgil & Julie An Evening of Entertainment (c.1950's)

Pictorial letterhead for Virgil & Julie with red, black, and gold stylized illustrations and lettering. Printed on lightly textured, off white paper. Wonderful condition and a very scarce Virgil piece. Price $50.00

Magicians Side Table (Warren Hamilton, c.1950's)

Gorgeous side table very sturdy and masterfully built and finished. Warren Hamilton was known for his quality in magic building, he is right up there with the best of them including Thayer, P&L and Owen ! Stands approx. 30" tall with the top being made to lock in place. Some minor wear considering age this piece looks fantastic as shown. Click on images to enlarge and have a nice look of this rare and perhaps one of a kind Warren Hamilton piece of magicians furniture a few light chips at bottom but due to paint finish not really noticeable. Price $ ON HOLD

Rattle Box (Davenports, England,c.1940's)

Cause any coin, ring etc. placed into the box to vanish and reappear at a location of the magicians choice. No instructions simple and deceptive vanish. Price $25.00

Papel Blanco Card Trick (Mysto Magic - A.C. Gilbert,c.1930's)

Envelope is well worn but cards and instructions are clean and very good. Complete a Mysto Magic set or display in curio. Price $18.50

DeLand's Wonder Change Card (Mysto Magic Mfg., c.1910)

A real rarity ! The envelope is very worn as well as the original wonder change card but the envelope wear is much worse as seen. The face of the card changes back and fourth numerous times. A real gem for the curio the instructions are even present as they are printed on the front of envelope. Price $ SOLD !

Houdini's Magic Bag of Tricks (Magical Manufactures,Inc, c.1934) RARE !

"Houdini's Magic Bag of Tricks" made by Magical Manufactures, Inc, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Set is incomplete but with cool printed instructions. Very rare set TO FIND even incomplete, as a matter of fact you may never see another example of this set for sale ! As you can see a wonderful curio display piece featuring an illustration of Houdini's brother Hardeen displaying his brothers set on the instructions ! Price $185.00

Foo Can (P&L modern day production)

Nice brand new metal chromed foo can. From the modern day line of P&L from David Haversat. Stands 5" tall and is brand new with original box and instructions. buy here and save. Price $35.00

Two Percent Tacks (Owen Magic Supreme)

A 20.00 bill etc. is tacked to the lid of a wooden trinket box, it is then torn away and this can be seen and heard but yet the bill is unharmed. Clever thinking and apparatus and a seldom seen close up effect from Owen Magic Supreme ! Price $125.00

Foo Can (Owen Magic Supreme,c.1990's)

Nice copper piece with a good solid weight to it. Hallmark stamped with the Merv Taylor logo and Owen on the bottom of apparatus, stands 8" tall. This item is very well made and more deceptive with the handle ! No instructions included but pretty much self working apparatus. In wonderful condition with no dents. Price $ SOLD !

Chinese Rice Bowls Boxed Set (Magic Tech, c.1980's)

The original Chinese rice bowls ! Set contains 4 china bowls , one is a gimmicked bowl . Also includes a beautiful Chinese fan which is used as a magic wand ! The set comes in a padded custom Chinese silk box , all handcrafted an hand painted. Fabulous set ready for performance or a collector's showpiece ! In wonderful condition and includes the original Magic Tech instructions.Price $235.00

Aladdin Magic Outfit Printing Plate (P&L Mfg. Co., c.1917ish)

A real rarity here ! Plate is copper and approx. 9" x 12" in size mounted on 1" thick wooden board. I would assume this is a unique one of a kind piece. Price $250.00

What's Next (Tenyo, c.1970's)

Number T-28. In great clean condition, no instructions. Package is in nice condition with only minimal normal age wear. Price $27.50

Box - O - Jokes (D. Robbins Co., c.1955)

Very neat practical joke set from 1955. Box is approx.6" x 8" and is complete with all items. Chinese finger trap, hot tooth picks, imp bottle, devil's hook, fake worm, fly on lapel, suction cup, black eye gag etc. contents and lid are great as seen. The bottom of box is great as well but the factory tape on corners has dried up and is separating but yet all is still fine with no tears or other damage. Price 65.00

Yomo The Mystery Hindu (c.1950's)

A gem of a magician collectible for the curio cabinet. Very rare piece that is still like new and the colorful card has very very minimal wear ! This item manufactured int he 1950's by the Charmore Co. which was a subsidiary of the famed Marx Toy Co. (Patterson, NJ.) Card measures 4.75" x 8" and the colors are brighter than my camera is showing. A really great item for the vintage toy or magic collector. Rare & awesome ! Price $250.00

Close - Up Magic Set (Tenyo - Japan, c.1970)

 Close - Up Magic Set (Tenyo - Japan, c.1970)

Distributed in the United States by Sears & Roebuck Co. Chicago, IL. A very hard to find set and this one is even complete with the exception of the 4 tiny sponges for the cups & ball have faded away with time totally brittle ! Box size is 11 3/4" long, 7 3/4" wide and 2 1/4" deep. All the extras are in the little box shown in the lower right of set. Box has some moderate wear but it is still very nice and displays great as shown. You will only find this rare set available for sale here. Not many collectors own this set a real collector's gem ! Price $295.00