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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

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Browse our selections below, you may well find that magical treasure you have been looking for ! Click on any of the images for a larger view. Send me an email [email protected] to purchase. We prefer check or money order payments but pay pal is accepted. Thanks for looking !

Large Size Square Circle (Warren Hamilton, c.1960)

From one of the greatest builders of magic apparatus, Hamilton's work is right there on par with both Thayer & Owen ! This grand, magnificent piece stands nearly 18.5" tall and is of the extreme highest quality. Click on the images for a larger view. There is an area of touch up to the red paint in on the upper left front side of the cabinet, other than that this piece is clean and like new after all these years. You will love this and truly admire the the craftsmanship that Warren Hamilton put into every piece of apparatus he made. Price $650.00

Sucker Bunny Vanish (Town House Magic, c.1950's)

Very cool decorated apparatus for the vanish of a bunny .... not really more like a dove. But .... very clever and deceptive in performance a gem of a fooler ! This is one of those clever items and it has that look that all together make magic collecting fun ! Size 13" x 11" x 7" Overall in excellent condition with some expected age wear but not bad at all (you will like it) Includes the original detailed instructions. All you have to do is attach a small nylon loop onto the back of the "load" bag. A very scarce piece of apparatus first one I've seen in 30 + years of collecting ! Price $150.00

The Mystery Man ASKA Brochure (c.1940's)

One of the nicest I've seen ! A total of 14 pages including covers and 8" x 11" in size. Loaded with many cool photos and illustrations . He also has the "George" poster image "borrowed" on the back cover in his name Aska The Magician. In mint clean condition and ready for your magic collection ! Price $50.00

Crystal Cylinder & Chest (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's)

In very nice vintage condition on the tube. The chest is in great condition. Chest is opened and shown empty along with clear tube. Tube is placed inside the chest and a production is made. The gimmick that is not seen by audience shows use and wear and looks crappy but still does the job also there are no instructions. Overall a very nice piece that is hard to find these days. Price $ 75.00

Blackstone Advertising Blotter (c.1920's)

A very rare and early career cardboard advertising blotter c.1920's. Approx. 4" x 9" with no creases or bends, small stain at bottom center not affecting text. If you owned a theater and read this would hire Blackstone ! Click on images and read the wonderful text. Price $50.00

Bert Wheeler Hollywood Magic Catalog (c.1950's - 60's)

Nice vintage 24 page magic catalog. Great front and back photographic covers list of several available items inside with a few b&w inside photos. Price $22.50

Nielsen's Coolie Cube (c.1964)

An early and one of his original pieces of manufacture Coolie Cube by Norm Nielsen. More than likely made using Okito's own tools since he gave them to Norm. This scarce piece is in great condition with only very minimal normal age wear. Tube is wood and 7" tall with approx. 3" wood die and matching metal shell. Complete with a photocopy of the original instructions. Price $285.00

Blocko ( Norm Nielsen, c.1960's)

Very cool early and hard to find piece of magic apparatus from Norm Nielsen circa 1960's. Block is 2.5" square, tubes 6" tall. Very minimal normal age wear, this set has a real glass sheet as opposed to the original plastic sheet. Shell is about as perfect fit as you can get..... marvelous set ! Has the original instructions and a gem for any magic collection. Price $185.00

Jumbo Phanto Tube (Mak Magic Co. c.1970's)

Early Mak Magic Co. c.1977 with the original instructions. Tube is 10" tall x 3" diameter. Has some general use wear but overall still in nice condition. Click on photos to enlarge for a better view. Nice vintage 70's and quality made from metal. Price $125.00

Chicago Magic Co. (c.1940's)

Original advertising - throw out card. From the famed Chicago magic shop in the hey days of magic ! In great problem free condition and scarce. Price $25.00

Neil Foster Dove Production (Abbott's 1960's - 70's)

Dove from silk is one of the most beautiful effects in magic ! And this is one beautiful set to use. Still looks crisp and new in original packaging with the very detailed original instructions. Very hard to find this gem in this fabulous like new condition. Price $175.00

Hamley's Magic Catalogs (c.1940's)

You get (3) different original Hamley's magic catalogs. All professionally bound within hardcovers with gold foil stamp Hamley's. Highly illustrated featuring many pieces from Max Andrew's Vampire Magic Co. Very cool with approx. 100 pages combined. A great reference tool for the magic collector. Price $85.00

Tayade Magic Shop Catalog (c.1970's)

Wonderful condition catalog of now highly collectible metal & wooden hand painted magic apparatus.SIZE: 5 1/4" x 8 3/4" with 20 pages, which includes paper covers. This one is very scarce because it includes the always missing original price sheet ! Price $45.00

Chinese Square Circle Large Size (Magic Makers)

These were copied from the original Warren Hamilton's and made in 3 sizes. This is the large size version and stand approx. 16" tall. This one is in very gently used condition and looks great. Made about 10 years or so ago and now unavailable only the small size are available now days. Very deceptive and will produce a large load. Price $125.00

Blackstone 1001 Wonders (c.1950's)

Nice scarce Blackstone Sr. flyer - brochure never folded and measures 8.5" x 11" in size. In excellent collectible condition. Price $30.00

Ricky Jay Press Photo (Original, c.1970's)

From his famed card throwing era ! Size is approx. 7.5" x 8" and as seen has some overall wear but yet remains highly collectible as it is nearly impossible to find any early Ricky Jay promo material from the 1970's. Price $45.00

Magician Leon & Co. Business Card (c.1910's)

Original Leon & Co. Business Card (c.1910's) Click on images for larger view you will notice he is featuring his signature Fire and Water illusion. Poster for Fire & Water I have seen dated at 1915 so this card is within that time period. This is one of those rare items you see for sale and perhaps will never again. A true gem that came from the hand of The Great Leon ! 100 + years old and in amazing condition considering such. Price $95.00