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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

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Browse our selections below, you may well find that magical treasure you have been looking for ! Click on any of the images for a larger view. Send me an email [email protected] to purchase. We prefer check or money order payments but pay pal is accepted. Thanks for looking !

Mabel Sperry - McDonald Birch (c.1930's)

Color photograph of Mabel Sperry, wife and assistant to McDonald Birch, in a cream matte. Pencil note on matte indicates the backround is the same dragon design Birch used in his Scimatar Act. Photograph faded, some wear and discoloration to matte. Size including matte is 9" x 7.5" A wonderful piece for the magic curio cabinet. Price $95.00

Magic Set Labels (England, c.1930's)

Colorful label from a Davenport's magic set, the other from a 1937 movie set The Great Gambini. Both are unused and in great problem free condition. Price is for the both labels. Price $45.00

Fire Magic Set Label (c.1930's Davenport's, England)

Nicely illustrated original set label from Davenport's demon series. Image this being sold to kids today ... lawsuits would be left and right ! In great problem free condition approx. 3.5" x 5" in size and rare ! Price $35.00

San Francisco Magic Poster (Dr. R. Albo, c.1980's)

An outstandingly beautiful poster image ! This piece is in mint clean condition and approx. 23" x 28" in size. Would really look great matted and framed. My personal favorite of the Albo posters. A real gem ! Price $ SOLD !

The Great Virgil "Sheila" Window Card (c.1940's)

A scarce window card for Virgil. Measures 14" x22" in great historical condition very well cared for. Circa 1940's and printed by Central Show Printing Co. who happened to have printed allot of various window cards for magicians back in the 30's , 40's & 1950's ! Price $75.00

Donaldson Lithographing Co. ( 1863 - 1981)

Here is a letterhead - stationary dated 1914 from Donaldson Litho. They made many a magicians poster back in the golden era of magic ! Nice colorful letterhead just like their poster work. In very good condition and signed. Click on photos to enlarge. Price $65.00

Albo Museum Poster (Dr. Robert Albo, c.1979)

Wonderful and scarce Albo poster. A perfect addition for the collector of his Classic Magic Series. Measures approx. 24" x 31" and in great condition. Price $95.00

Lot of Magic, Juggling Prints (Vintage 12pc. set)

You get one dozen various magic , juggling, oddity etc. prints 8" x 11" in size. They could be framed as is or redone in a custom size for your liking. Overall condition is great some have some edge wear otherwise all will look nice framed. These are not original of course but vintage prints. Cool for the magic room(s) all 12 for one price. Price $25.00

Magician Clyde Powell (c.1930's)

Nice oversize business - throw out card style card. In great condition and a scarce card to find of this magician and hypnotist. Price $25.00

Magician James Swoger (c.1946)

Original 6" x 9" fold out brochure. Seldom are items seen from the famed magic dealer performing as a magician. First photo shows front and back of brochure, second photo shows inside... click on images to enlarge. Price $25.00

Amazing Scalzo & Co. (c.1960's)

This original 8" x 10" promotional photo is from the personal magic collection of the late, great Jack Chanin noted performer and magic shop owner out of Philadelphia, Pa. This photo is signed to Chanin but has faded over time. Great colorful shot of the days of magic long gone by ! Price $45.00

Magician Reid Miller Signed Letter (c.1921)

Great elaborate letterhead on this hand written and signed letter to Dr. Wilson (editor of the Sphinx magazine) A really great one of a kind piece for your collection. Price $65.00

Magician Ace Gorham Broadside ( c.1930's)

Original horizontal 7" x 22" broadside for Ace Gorham. On center fold as seen otherwise mint ! Price $25.00

Litzka Raymond "China Boy" (c.1948)

Litzka Raymond China Boy, the world's most amazing rooster ! mini-comic book copyright 1948. This original vintage item is in excellent condition and contains 22 pages in full color.Litzka as you probably know was the wife of the Great Raymond and after he died, she married Walter Gibson. Price $25.00

Alexander The Great (c.1900's)

This piece is well worn as you can see. measures 10" x 24.5" The top half is pasted to a sheet and the rest has been folded in for storage I suppose. Like seen it is well worn but still holding up really well and a good example of early magician advertisement. Price $55.00

The Great Raymond (c.1910)

The Great Raymond. ?No lo ha visto ud ? [Have you seen him?]. Ya llegó [He is here]. This circular advertising piece--similar in size and appearance to a luggage label--shows two small imps or devils whispering in the ears of The Great Raymond. Approx. 5" diameter. I have heard that two of these paper labels were each pasted to a circular piece of cardboard and attached to a string and would hang these in local stores etc. advertising his show. Price $ 35.00

Magician Business Cards (original, vintage & cool)

Two vintage early business cards.... both cards are really cool and in great condition. These were removed from a scrapbook and have some wear to the backs but they were blank on the reverse anyway and as you can see they still remain great ! Price $40.00

The Great Raymond postcard (c.1910)

Very cool and scarce autograph postcard from Maurice Raymond circa 191. Some normal age related wear but still in very good condition. Price $30.00

Magician Tampa (c.1933)

Original vintage Tampa ephemera a Mystery Buck. I have several all in great condition as shown. Price. $20.00 ea.

Both sides are shown.

Horace Marshall & Co. Brochure (c.1950's)

8.5" x 11" with 4 pages counting front and back . Great illustrations on some of Marshall's most popular items. In great cared for condition and very scarce... ready for your collection of vintage magic.Price $25.00

Hugard The Great (c.1945)

Wonderful testimonial book from Hugards peers... he receives best wishes, thank you's etc. Features a large foldout inside the back and contains his history, photos, illustrations etc. with 104 pages. In great condition with a little peeling at the bottom of spine, but a fine example of this great Hugard testimonial book. Price $65.00

DeYoung & Co. Poster ( 1950's - 60's )

This is an original poster in great problem free condition only wear is it's original folds. Will be shipped folded flat in it's original condition. A nice vivid image from The Central Show Printing Co. this is the same company that did the posters for Virgil, Grabel and countless others. Approx. 22" x 28" in size from the 1950's - 60's era of magic ! Price $45.00

Kim Kee & Tinka (c.1940's )

Nice original flyer from their oriental magic show. Dated in the 1940's era of magic this piece is 8.5" x 11.5" and in very good condition. A nice scarce piece for your vintage magic memorabilia collection. Price $25.00

Richard Buffum Print ( c. 1990 )

A nicely matted print approx.8" square inches in size ready to frame. A limited small run of only 150 pieces and this one is mint condition. (click on image to enlarge ) Price $45.00