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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Close Up Tricky Bottles (Mak - Tannen c.1991) Limited Edition

Made only for Tannens in 1991 by Mak Magic Co. Limited edition of only 100 sets. Chrome metal tubes and all. Tubes are approx. 5" tall. Includes the original paperwork and in very nice condition and quality ! Much more nice than my photo shows ... Price $ SOLD !

Passe Bottles (Mysto Magic, c.1930s)

In excellent cared for condition with only some normal age related wear as shown. A cool and desirable item for the magicians curio. Price $ SOLD !

Genii Tube (Mak Magic Co., c.1980's)

In mint condition ........... this will hold about 8 - 18" silks. Supplied with a copy of the instructions. You will not find one in better condition ! Price $ SOLD !

Lot of (15) ThrowOut - Good Luck Magician Cards (c.1900 - 1950's)

A real nice bargain priced lot an instant collection. Some good names in the lot ..... Lightner The Wizard, Ben Franklin, Lindhurst, Tommy Windsor, Merlin, Duke Stern, Houdini Club, Bert Wheeler etc. All in great condition and you will be happy with these ! Click on images for a larger view. Price $ SOLD !

De La Mano's Pitch Book & Handbill (c.1874 )

A wonderful historical item for your magic collection. This hand colored book is from 1874 and is in strong, colorful and intact condition. Just wonderful ! Contains 30 pages. Also an original two sided Handbill from the same period.... you will love this set ! Price $95.00

Magician Laurant Throw Out Card (c.1930)

in great problem free condition and a scarce card for your collection. Price $ SOLD !

Flower To Dove (Mak Magic Co. c.1970's)

Wow .... never ever have seen this one and I seriously doubt I will see another anytime soon ! The perfect piece for the Mak Magic collector. A flower is produced from silks and then changes into a dove ! A very very hard to find piece from the famed Mak Magic Co.No date on the instructions but by the look of instructions / art etc. appears to be vintage 1970's. Still like new and unused. Storage envelope has some moderate age related wear, you supply the silks. Price $49.00

Chinese Rice Bowls (Thayer Mfg. Co. c.1930's)

So cool are these ........ This set is from the Les Smith estate (Owen Magic Supreme). Painted finish and turned from wood, each bowl is approx. 2.5" tall and 5" diameter. The disc is missing but easy to have one cut. A very rare find indeed not to be found again anytime soon if ever ! Price $ SOLD !

Mini Cups & Balls Set (Sherms, c.1930's)

Nice vintage set with the original box. Spun from aluminum and it has all four balls included. Nice little antique magic piece to display in the collectors' curio ! Box is worn but still looks nice .... Price $ SOLD !

15 Sealed Mysteries (Theron Fox, c.1940's)

A really cool and extremely hard to find set. This one is complete with all 15 mysteries ... set and contents are pretty much like new. Box measures 8" x 13" making it easy to display. Box is in excellent condition no split corners but a split in a side panel as seen in last photo.So neat you will love it ! Price $69.00

Hoffman Style Production Bird Cage (Brass, c.1900's)

Made entirely of brass construction. Stands rigid on it's own when produced. Can hold a fake or live canary and when produced size is approx. 5.25" high by 5" square. Nice old school construction and in great condition. Price $ SOLD !

Chinese Rice Bowl Sets (Town House Magic,c.1960's)

Nice quality vintage sets that are still like new condition. Bowls are 5" diameter and great working vintage professional sets ! There is only one disc but it works on both rice bowl sets. Price $85.00

Vintage Chick Pan (Les Smith - Owen Magic)

From the personal collection of the late Les Smith owner of Owen Magic Supreme. Nice vintage aluminum 4" diameter single load production pan. Has the ball feet and all including certificate of Mr. Smiths ownership from Owen. In excellent condition with no dings or dents ! Price $95.00

Turban Mystery (Thayer Mfg. Co. c.1930's)

Original Thayer piece with the great stencil decorations he was known for. Size of the wood crafted piece is approx. 7.5" square in excellent condition but as shown has some rubbing on one side. A rare piece original Thayer most likely circa 1930's. (no instructions) Price $ SOLD !

Leroy's Mammoth Magic Catalog (c.1907)

LEROY'S MAMMOTH PICTORIAL 20th CENTURY ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Published by W.D. Leroy, Boston, Undated but circa 1907. Contains 212 pages plus around 30 b&w photos. A huge vintage catalog for a variety of tricks, This historic magician's catalog is featured in Dr. Albo's Magic of America book. Has some normal and lite age related wear but yet still in great collectible and historical condition. Found the old period playing card inside that has a very cool back design it was used a book marker it's included. Price $125.00

Magic Set (Smithsonian,c.1980's)

This is a reproduction set from the original 1900's set. These sold in the 1980's in the Smithsonian Museum. Still looks new and has the instruction booklet. These are now rather scarce and of very very high quality.... you will not be disappointed. Price $195.00

Carter The Great (c.1920's - 30's)

All original pieces ... his elaborate letterhead, 1933 Carter's Temple of Mystery postcard, Carter's calling card. A superb small from one of the magic greats ! Price $ SOLD !

The Great Blackstone (one of a kind set) c.1953

Here is the only chance to obtain a cool piece of magic history ..... The color photos you see were developed from the original negatives from Blackstone's performance at The Carlton in Providence, RI. in Feb.1953. The color prints are the only known and were developed in the mid 1970's from the discovered original negatives.....

There were 10 color photos in the lot. These four are what is left and original. I sold the other six to David Copperfield along with a widow card from the performance and they now reside in his magic museum. So.... get these (4) remaining photos and two news clippings promoting the same engagement. A treasure of a find Blackstone in color ! Price $60.00

Modern Rice Bowls (Vampire Magic, c.1950's)

Wonderful large spun copper set from England's Vampire Magic circa early 1950's. Great bowls each being 6" diameter and this set has a feature not seen in other sets ..... there is a clip on one bowl to aid in the removal of the disc when the rice changes to water. Comes supplied with the original advertisement from the Vampire catalog.... very nice set ! Price $ SOLD !

Bran - Confetti Vase (c.1900, Brass)

A magnificent piece of antique magic apparatus that stands 7.5" tall and constructed of brass. Has a beautiful gold painted interior inside the vase and the load compartment. In great problem free condition and works like a charm ! Being more than a 100 yrs. old the brass could use a polish but remains outstanding as is. Price $ SOLD !