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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Antique Dove - Rat Bottle

The classic antique magic collector's love. Quality made of metal and designed to be fitted to the glass painted mason jars. This piece has a section that a smaller inner jar can be placed to enable the magician in pour two different drinks or a silk production prior to wrapping the bottle into paper and breaking the bottom for the dove - rat production. Stands 7" tall and has a 3.75" opening for jar. No dings or dent found on this ! Price $49.00

Mirror Glass (Donald Holmes, c.1920's)

Nice original heavy glass with it's original insert. Very deceptive as seen ... stands nearly 5" tall and a wide 3.5" . Once of those items that qualifies for the old saying ..... They don't make them like this anymore ! Price $ SOLD !

Super Puzzles (Sherms, c.1930's)

A really scarce larger size Sherms puzzle set. Contents are wonderful and look unused. Lid has great period art and has one side panel missing. As stated contents are great and a nice displayable and colorful Sherms set as seen above... very cool ! Price $95.00

Atomic Candle (National Magic Co. c.1951)

Old school vanishing candle from the 1950's. Uses a real small candle as a wick (included) Also complete with the original candle holder and a photocopy of the original National Magic Co. instructions. Price $32.00

Mystic Card Tricks Set (c.1930's)

This set from the 1930's includes eight individual card tricks. All is complete and in great condition box is still very good with some minimal age wear but no split corners. Click on images to enlarge. Price $49.00

Knots Off Silk (Elmo Magic Supreme, c.1980's)

Like new, never used, Elmo's Knots Off Silk. Magician shows a large 24 inch silk and ties two large knots in it. Then magically he slides the knots right off the silk, and when he shows the silk again there are two holes where the knots used to be. Great visual magic for any type act. Comes with original Elmo Magic Supreme illustrated instructions with great art work of the now legendary Ed Mishell. This is a great effect..... copied by others but the quality does not compare to this ORIGINAL ! Price $ SOLD !

Hank Pull (Wood Turned, Germany, c.1920's)

Nice old antique piece with the original instructions included. Very hard to find antique German piece with instructions ! Price $25.00

Enigma (N. Night,c.1991)

This effect was all the rage when it came out. Basically this is a chop cup routine. Using a borrowed dollar bill and a clear drinking glass. Very clever and a nice routine..... this is perfect for today's street magic / impromptu magic popularity. Complete with special something and original instructions. Price $ SOLD !

Chinese Rice Bowls (small metal set)

These work great manufacturer unknown but a nice little classic set. No instructions but the set is complete and still like new, each bowl is 3.5" diameter. Price $35.00

Bran / Confetti Glass & Cover (c.1930's)

A glass filled with bran or confetti is covered with the tube, tube is removed and now there is candy, coins etc. Cardboard is 6.5" tall. A nice working set in excellent condition. I date this to the 1930's from the style of the glass as well as the use of bran! Price $185.00

Magician Kellar Glass / MUG (c.1991)

Nice heavy standard size beer mug etched with The Great Kellar ... Price $ SOLD !