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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Rice Bowls (Adams' c.1960's)

Nice little beginner that is a collectible today. This a mint still new vintage set complete with all needed (secret not shown) in the mint original box. Price $15.00

Well I Never (P. Cinimod, c.1979)

Neat vintage pocket trick from the 1970's .... A penny vanishes and reappears inside a close match box ! Still new in the original packaging as Cinimod used bags in the late 70's after they exhausted their supply of boxes. A good little trick that is self working. Price $35.00

Mysto Magic Card Trick (c.1920's)

Complete with the original instructions and all cards great condition. Envelope has some age related wear and tear..... Price $15.00

Devil's Coin Box (c.1952)

Now I like this ... very neat thick illustrated card stock with the copper plastic coin bank attached. Has the instructions on the reverse side of card. Still looks new after all these years ! Price $25.00

Vanishing Glass Liquid (c.1953)

Cool vintage item for the curio of magic. The small plastic glass has a closed crak and the rubber ball is dried up, non the less it's complete and the box looks nice in the curio. You will like it. Price $10.00

LaFollette's Rice Canister (c.1920's - 30's)

This original antique piece has been cosmetically restored "Okitofied" .... the effect is ..... Canister is shown to be empty and it is ! Canister is filled with rice, the rice changes into silks and as a finale liquid is poured from the canister. Clever old school thinking and construction.... a fooler still today cause what is old is new ! You will need to supply a box for the rice that is big enough to hide the gimmick behind. This is great really great thinking. Stands 8.5" tall (no instructions) Price $150.00

The Devil's Napkin (c.1960's)

Still like new in the original labeled storage envelope. A nice deceptive pattern with the tabs sewn into the corners for easy handling. Approx. 17" square .... vanish a parakeet, billiard balls, cards etc. A useful item all magicians can use ! (no instructions) Price $ SOLD !

Vanishing or Appearing Card Fan (c.1950's)

Original vintage E-Z Magic Co. complete and cards are like new ! With the original instructions and storage envelope. The stuff we all bought as kids ! Price $10.00

Slip Off Spots (Great Trick !)

I always liked this effect. And here is a vintage one in like new condition with the original instructions. The dice on this jumbo version are a little larger than normally seen. The penny gives you a visual of the size of this set. Mint and like new ... Price $ SOLD !

Rice Bowls (Vintage Royal Magic )

Nice vintage and complete set in great cared for condition and includes the original Royal instructions. Price $15.00

Cups & Balls Set (Mysto Magic, c.1930's)

Nice small metal set from Mysto Magic circa1930's. This piece is from a scarce Mysto set, they are 2" tall and supplied with only three of the original pom balls and instructions from the Mysto instruction book. In great dent free condition and ready for your vintage magic collection. Price $ SOLD !

Salamander's Breath (England, c.1940's)

This is one of those items that you do not often find and it makes a great little curio collectible for the magic collector. Box is approx. 1.5" square x 3" long. In very good condition and scarce. Price $35.00

Coin - Go (Sherms. c.1920's - 30's)

Nice old hard to find Sherms magic trick. This is complete with the original box with instructions. Uses an actual Sherms Token for the trick ! A scarce one to find complete like this ... Price $20.00

Vanisher (Thayer Mfg.c.1930)

Beautifully wood turned with an ebony finish. Measures 2.5" long, use this delightful piece of apparatus to vanish a cig. pencil etc. Need elastic cord not provided. A beautiful and affordable original Thayer piece for your vintage magic collection. Price $ 39.50

Classic Cups Balls Set ( Vintage Morrissey Magic)

Nice aluminum vintage Morrissey set of cups . Complete with a set of 4 high quality balls. A couple tiny dings on the set but would not be noticeable during performance.... you have to look for them. Overall a nice set ! Price $ SOLD !

Wood Coin Barrel (c.1900's)

An early wood turned piece that stands a mere 1.25" tall, the coin is about the size of a U.S. dime. From Germany in mint condition with the special coin (no instructions) Price $ 40.00

Dot Ladle's (Germany, 1970's)

Vintage jumping gems effect that is still like new with instructions in English and German. Housed in it's original "Germany" stamped plastic case. Price $SOLD !

Chest of Wang (Owen Magic Supreme)

This is the original OMS instruction for the Chest of Wang effect. These instructions are the originals and not a copy ! Mint and clean condition. Price $20.00

Whispering Imps Deck (Red Limited Edition)

Deck has been opened but it is new and long since sold out ! Beautiful limited edition red set that was inspired from the magic of days gone by and a tribute to Harry Kellar. These decks have long sold out ! Price $45.00

Metal Hank Pull & Token ( Mysto Magic )

Both original Gilbert / Mysto Magic pieces. Other than some normal age related paint wear all is fine. Price $16.00