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Raleigh Vint​age ​Magic

Quality Magician Collectibles

Since 1986

Vick Lawston Magic Catalog (c.1965)

Circa 1965 from The House of A Thousand Mysteries ! A great catalog full of great magic & jokes ! Hundreds of delightful illustrations with descriptive text and 160 pages. In very nice cared for condition and a wonderful addition to your vintage magic collection. Price $ SOLD !

Magic Auction Catalog (May 2015)

From Potter Auctions ... contains 85 pages with full color photos throughout . Cool collectibles and rarities of apparatus, books, posters etc. These make great reference tools for the magic collector. Catalog is new and only flipped through. Price $25.00

Chicago Magic Co. Catalog (c.1941)

Wonderful vintage magic catalog that is loaded with great old time magic apparatus. Contains 160 pages with hundreds of illustrations with descriptive text of magic ! Perfect bound and in excellent condition and scarce from the good old days of magic... Price $35.00

Simplex Coin Routine (S. Hollingsworth, c.1999)

Nicely produced spiral bound with 34 pages and many clear b&w photos. You will need two half dollars with matching dates, one jumbo have with matching date and a purse frame. This is a good thought out routine and within the crasp of the intermediate skill level ... click on the above photo to read the effect. Price $ SOLD !

Mak Magic Co. Catalog (c.1970's)

I would think this would date to the very early 70's..... loaded with b&w pics and illustrations and 64 pages of the now collectible Mak Magic Co. line of magic apparatus. In excellent cared for condition and supplied with a retail price list form Caufields Magic Shop ( Louisville, KY.) the good old days ! Price $25.00

Crambrook's Catalogue 1843 (Collectors' Workshop) 300 limited edition

This forty-eight page gem, published in 1843, is the first English-language magic catalogue in the world. The W.H.M. Crambrook Company established itself as purveyors of magic equipment in 1841 in London. It listed Charles Dickens among its customers and, shortly after its opening, published a brief catalogue, long lost to antiquity. However, the second edition, Corrected and Enlarged, has managed to survive -- just barely. Three copies exist in the world today in the libraries of Burton S. Sperber, of Los Angeles, the late Dr. John Grossman of Connecticut and David Copperfield. Burt Sperber graciously lent us his. Collectors' Workshop has reprinted The Crambrook Catalogue for your enjoyment, which includes not only the Deceptions and Magical Curiosities but also A Complete Expose--the Baneful Arts By Which Unwary Youth Too Often Become the Prey of Professed Gamblers and an extract from The Anatomy of Gambling (by permission of Fraser' s Magazine.) If that were not enough, you receive The Art of Fortune Telling by cards and, indeed, by the finger nails. All these treasures were part of this marvelous nineteenth century booklet. The Crambrook Catalogue is secured in a fine stationer. This one is mint however there is a small split at the top corner of the binder folder not really noticeable. Limited addition of 300 copies.... this one is unnumbered. Price $49.00

Silk King Studios Magic Catalog (c.1970's)

Nicely illustrated and descriptive catalog from Harold Rice .... this is a mint catalog with 32 numbered pages and price list ... nice ! Price $15.00

Rings - N - Things Magic Co. (c.1970's)

Small photographic and descriptive magic catalog from this well respected company. I think this is the only catalog they ever issued. Contains 12 unnumbered pages... has some normal reading - age wear otherwise fine with prices included in the text. Price $12.50

Zombie Book (N. Foster, c.1963)

This is the 1963 edition of the now classic magicians book. Softbounf and highly illustrated with 58 pages .... a wonderful book and still the best on this classic effect. In great problem free condition with former owners bookplate. Price $10.00

Heaney Magical Co. Catalog (c.1940's)

Cool vintage catalog from Heaney #30 with approx. 50 highly illustrated unnumbered pages.... includes the original mailing envelope, order form etc. Scarce complete like this. Price $35.00

Great Tricks Revisited (c.1995)

A wonderful hardbound book containing 125 pages with illustrations. Written by Robert Parrish and published by David Meyer Books. Some contents includes... Die Box, Silk to Egg, Card Dagger, Rising Cards etc. In great condition with former owners (me) bookplate. Price $ SOLD !

Circle Magic Shop Catalog (c.1950's)

Nice and original pamphlet style magicians catalog. Contains 32 numbered pages and highly illustrated . Other than some normal age related age toning to the covers it is mint clean condition. Price $25.00

Magician Punx Book (c.2000)

This is a reprint from the original German 1977 Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales first edition. This has been translated to the English language and is a great hardbound title and for those who have yet to discover Punx you are .... in for a treat ! Contains 113 pages with many b&w photos and approx. 21 routines. The Man with the Golden Arm is worth the price alone ! A new , clean and mint edition for your magicians library. Price $55.00

Will Rock Book (c.2007)

Hardbound edition hand signed in ink by Rock's daughter. Contains 120 pages with numerous b&w photos throughout.....

In mint, clean condition and an entertaining read. Price $45.00

Clint Riedel Book (c.1988)

Contains 244 pages, hardbound book with dust jacket. Covers the magic career of Clint Reidel and details many of the wood props that he made with many illustrations and b&w photos .....

This is a very good book and it is in great clean condition and worthy of a place in any magicians library. Price $45.00

National Magic Co. Catalog 6 (c.1945)

This is a wonderful vintage magic / magician catalog with great cover. From the year 1945 comb bound and very highly illustrated with 318 pages. Comb binding is sound and pages are clean. You will like this one ! Price $ SOLD !

Owen Magic Supreme ( c.1997 )

Without a doubt the most elaborate magicians catalog ever produced. Page after page of wonderful Owen magic apparatus. This beautiful magic catalog is full color throughout and is signed by the big three of the company ... Les, & Gertrude Smith and Alan Zagorsky. A nice mint clean hardbound magic catalog. Price 95.00

Collectors' Catalogs ( c.1990's )

Lot of five magic collectors' catalogs from Ron Allesi 1990's. A good reference for magic apparatus and memorabilia collectors, full of b&w photos. Price $30.00

A.P Felsman #17 Catalog ( c.1919 )

This fantastic and highly illustrated catalog has been bound between hardbound covers and is in mint condition with 192 pages. Price $95.00