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Since 1986

Thurston - Will Rock Case (c.1930's)

A one of a kind item and it's extremely cool ! OK I will try to tell the story on this piece the best I can ..... This case was found it was sitting in the corner covered in dust at one of the stands of the Westminster antiques mall in Westminster MD. it was said to have belonged to Harry Thurston Howard's less famous brother. Upon close examination of the case and a after talking with a couple highly regarded magic historians the conclusion that we all three agreed on was that this was from the Thurston show that was presented by Will Rock. The other conclusion is that it was likely used by an advance man for the Will Rock - Thurston show. This rare gem has some wear but is still holding up very well, the original and very detailed art work is really beautiful. the case measures ......

19" across, 11.5" tall by 5.5" deep. As stated this is old and there is some wear and a musty smell on the inside as this set closed up for years, both of the hasp work. One of the coolest items I personally have found and for sure a conversation piece within any magic collection. A chance to own a great piece of magic history. Price $1,850.00